How Do I Publish My Content?

Publish (or "export") your content quickly using these methods...

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Done editing? Time to publish...

There are two ways to publish a post to your website from Content at Scale:

How to Publish a Post to Your Website Using the WordPress or Shopify Integration


After you link your Shopify store using our Shopify integration, publish a post by updating its post status.


After you install and activate our WordPress plugin, sync a post to WordPress by updating its post status.

What do all the Post Statuses Mean?

Below is a map of all the default post statuses and their correlating WordPress statuses:

As you can see...

Draft on Content at Scale = draft on WordPress

Publish on Content at Scale = publish on WordPress

...and so on.

By design, some post statuses on Content at Scale do not have a corresponding post status on WordPress. For example, if your post status is Ready for Optimization, your post will not appear on WordPress.

How do I Add or Subtract a Post Status?

You can add or subtract post statuses from Project Settings>Post Statuses.

Simply click in the Select Available Post Status field, and type in (or remove) a status. Then click Save.

How to Publish your Content using Copy/Paste

If you are not using our WordPress or our Shopify integration, publish your content to your site by copy/pasting it.

When using the copy/paste method to publish your content from Content at Scale to your website, it is recommended you copy/paste the HTML.

How to Copy the HTML of Your Post

• click the three-dot menu atop the editor.

• click the Source button

• select all

• copy

• paste into your website's content management system (CMS)

After you've pasted your content onto your website, update the post's status (in Content at Scale) to Complete.

The Publish status is only available for Projects connected to WordPress. The Complete status can be used otherwise. Simply add it in the Project's Settings > Post Statuses tab.

When you're done publishing your content, it's time to write your next post.

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