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Link Your Shopify Store to Content at Scale
Link Your Shopify Store to Content at Scale

Our Shopify integration is available to all users, but you must have a Shopify site in order to use the integration. Here's how to start...

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Content at Scale now integrates with Shopify. That means you can publish content from Content at Scale...straight to your Shopify site.

It is available now in the "Integrations" section of project settings. The app is "unlisted" on Shopify, and accessed only through the Content at Scale platform.

Our Shopify integration lets users publish their content directly on Shopify. After saving the details, the integration becomes active, allowing posts to appear on your Shopify site.

Here's how to get started...

Link Your Shopify Store to Content at Scale

From Content at Scale,

  1. Go to Projects and choose the existing Content at Scale project for your Shopify store

  2. Click Project Settings on the top right

  3. Click Integrations

  4. Click the Gear Icon next to the Shopify integration

  5. Input your store URL and click Save Details

  6. Click Link Shopify and confirm

  7. You will be redirected to Shopify for OAuth.

  8. Once authenticated - Click Install Unlisted App

  9. On successful installation, you will be redirected to the Content at Scale project where you started.

  10. Choose any post in the project .

  11. Once you click save it will create a blog and article in merchandiser store.

That's it - you're done! You can now publish content from Content at Scale directly to your Shopify store.

To successfully integrate Content at Scale with Shopify, it's essential to use the correct Shopify URL, which should conclude with "". You can easily locate this URL. In the Shopify sidebar, click on the eye icon next to the "Online Store".

Ex: https://[YOURDOMAIN]

Troubleshooting Guide

Posts Not Showing Up On Shopify?

Follow these exact steps:

Have two windows open:

• Shopify

• Content at Scale

On Shopify, go to the sidebar. Sales Channels>Blog posts.

There should be nothing there at the moment since you don't see the post in your Shopify.

On Content at Scale, go to the Project and click on the post in question.

Make sure the post's status is set to Draft, Publish, or Schedule.

Click the purple 'save' button on the bottom right corner of the post in Content at Scale.

Go back to Shopify.

Refresh the page.

The post will then appear on Shopify.

Shopify Not Reflecting Recent Edits from Content at Scale?

Set the content in Content at Scale to Draft status (or hidden status on Shopify). Then close Shopify.

When done editing in Content at Scale, update the status to Draft or Published again on Content at Scale.

Click save. Then open Shopify.

Multiple Posts Showing Up On Shopify?

You may have posts in Shopify copied from Content at Scale without having used the integration due to its unavailability at the time.

Once you connect the Shopify integration, any old posts in Content at Scale will not sync with the copied article in Shopify.

But if you open the old post in Content at Scale and save any changes, the integration will create new post in Shopify.

The solution? Only edit content in Content at Scale if the post was published to Shopify through the integration.

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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