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📝Editing and Optimizing Content
📝Editing and Optimizing Content

When the AI is done writing, it's time for you to add the human touch. Create publish-worthy, shareable content using this guide.

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With AI now crafting articles that rank high and read well, all based on just a keyword and without any human touch, it’s clear we’ve entered a new era of content creation, thanks to deep research. But there’s still a critical role for the human element in this AI-driven process.

Here’s where we introduce a straightforward, yet impactful approach to refine and elevate AI-generated content. It’s a method that blends the best of technology with the essential human touch.

That framework?

Meet TAP:

T: Take a look at the content

A: Add images, visuals, media

P: Publish

Take a Look at the Content

Review what AI has created. Skim through to ensure the content aligns with your topic and voice. This step is all about verifying that the AI's output makes sense and connects with your audience. It's a quick, straightforward check to maintain quality.

Add Images, Visuals, Media

Elevate your content by integrating relevant images, videos, or graphics to enhance understanding and engagement. Choose visuals that complement and clarify your message, making the content more appealing and memorable to your audience.


Once your content is reviewed and visually enriched, it's time to go live. Publish the piece on your desired platform, ensuring it reaches your audience efficiently.

Here's an article link on how to publish your content...

We’re streamlining the SEO writer's workflow, encompassing keyword research, optimization, embedding social content, and incorporating breaking news, all enhanced with NLP analysis through Google's API.

With the TAP framework - Take a look, Add visuals, and Publish - embodies the perfect blend of AI efficiency and human creativity. This approach simplifies content creation, ensuring each piece is not just high-quality and engaging, but also genuinely connects with your audience.

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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