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Can Content at Scale use country-specific SERP results? Yes.

Content at Scale works like a writer.

When you give it a keyword, its goal will be to help you rank for that keyword on Google.

What's a Keyword?

Keywords and entities are important concepts in search engine optimization, which is why each blog post you create with Content at Scale comes with an AI-generated list of words and phrases for optimizing your content

🔬Perform Keyword Research directly in Content at Scale

How Does Content at Scale Help me Rank for a Keyword on Google?

...by researching the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for that keyword.

That means, like a writer, Content at Scale literally googles that keyword, and learns everything there is to know about the topic.

Why do Country-specific SERPs matter?

People in different parts of the world use Google differently. If your blog is published for a specific country or region in the world, you can specify it inside Content at Scale.

Three big reasons why you might want to target country-specific SERPs:

  1. Market Insights: Understand local demand and identify market opportunities

  2. Targeted Optimization: improve visibility and attract relevant traffic

  3. Competitive Advantage: outperform competitors and gain an edge in a specific market.

When you use this feature, Content at Scale will make sure that both the language and the links in your article match your target region.

Does Content at Scale do this Automatically?


Just set-and-forget. Here's how:

Enter your Project Settings, then:

  • Click Edit

  • Select the Country

  • Select State/Region/City

  • Click Save

💡 Note: Currently, you can only add a State/Region/City in an existing project, not when creating a new project.

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