👉🏼Adding a Specific Source for the AI's Research

What is "Add Keyword Source"?

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When creating content, you can give Content at Scale specific sources. This will help focus its research on the URL(s) you provide.

You can do this before or after you write a post.

How to Add a Source to the AI's Research Before you Write a Post

Enter your project and click the Add Content button.

Select ...from a Keyword and click Next.

You'll see this:

Click Add Source.

From there you can paste your source URL and click Add.

Want to add more sources? Click the + icon.

When you're ready to write the post, click Create Content Now.

How to Add a Source to the AI's Research After you Write a Post

Find the post in question and click its title. Now click:


Rewrite Options

Add Source

+ icon

and paste your source URL.

Then click Rewrite Post.

More information about rewriting a post here.

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