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WordPress Plugin - a Troubleshooting Guide
WordPress Plugin - a Troubleshooting Guide

This guide helps solve problems with posts not showing on WordPress when using the Content at Scale plugin.

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WordPress is Syncing Over the Edits I make in Content at Scale. What do I do?

Content at Scale autosaves the most recent version of your post. When integrated with WordPress, WordPress and Content at Scale autosave using the most recent edits from each other. Said another way, if you leave one open, and edit the other, then close the edited version, the outdated open version will autosave over your edits.

That is undesirable. Here's how to avoid that:

Before editing in Content at Scale or WordPress, update the post status to Draft or draft, respectively.

If editing in Content at Scale, keep closed all instances of the post in WordPress.

If editing in WordPress, keep closed all instances of the post in Content at Scale.

My Post is Not Showing up on WordPress. Why?

If your post is not showing up on WordPress, then first make sure you've installed and activated the WordPress plugin. Second, make sure you've published your post (using a Content at Scale post status that correlates to a WordPress Status). After that, if your post is still not showing up in WordPress, there are only two reasons:

Your website security settings are blocking wp-json access

Adjust Your Website's Security Settings to Allow the Connection with Content at Scale.

Plugin not connecting: If the API key won't connect, there is likely a security issue with your host, Cloudflare, or another security tool you're using for WordPress. To resolve, you will have to have the security plugin allow for wp-json, which will allow the plugin to connect properly. (Below there is an example of how to connect the CAS plugin by permitting wp-json in your Cloudflare.)

Sync from WordPress to CAS not working: Changes in the CAS app automatically sync to WordPress when there is a valid connection. However, if you have both WordPress and Content at Scale open, changes made in WordPress don't change the CAS version. You must be logged out of CAS before making changes to WordPress content.

WordPress content reverting back to previous CAS version: Similar to the above issue. If you have CAS open while making changes to content in WordPress, those changes may revert back to the previous CAS version. You'll need to logout of CAS before making changes in WordPress.

Allowing wp-json in Cloudflare

In Cloudflare, go to the security settings in the left sidebar, then choose "WAF".

From there, edit a firewall rule that allows for wp-json (as seen in the image below). Save those settings and try connecting the Content at Scale plugin again.

You need to categorize your blog post in WordPress

It is not possible to publish a post in WordPress without assigning a category to it (WordPress offers a category called "Uncategorized" to help with that).

To get your post to show up in WordPress (and thus on your site), make sure it has been categorized on WordPress.

Note: once you've installed and activated the WordPress integration, you can categorize from Content at Scale.

How Do I Edit a Published Post?

After you've created a post using Content at Scale, and published it to your site using our WordPress plugin, you can edit that post at any time.

Simply log into WordPress, change the status from publish to draft, then make your edits. When you're done, change the status from draft to publish.

My Post Still Isn't Showing up on WordPress...Why?

If your WordPress security settings are in order, but you're still not seeing your Content at Scale content synchronize to WordPress, it is likely because the status on Content at Scale is set to something other than Draft or Published. On Content at Scale, change the post status to Draft or Published and it will synchronize to WordPress

Below is a map of Content at Scale post statuses as they relate to WordPress post statuses:

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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