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White Label our WordPress Integration
White Label our WordPress Integration

Hide us from your customers; they'll think you're doing all the work. Here's how...

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Agency-level users can white label Content at Scale's WordPress plugin.

When you white label our plugin, your clients will see your branding on the plugin on their site; not our branding.

You can do all this before downloading the plugin.

Begin by Entering a Project.

After entering your project:

• Click on Project Settings.

• Click on Integrations. Select the integration you'd like (e.g. WordPress).

• Click Download.

• Customize the fields how you'd like.

Enter your plugin name, website, and logo.

You will be given two options:

Download - your newly branded plugin

Download Default Plugin - our normal plugin with Content at Scale branding

In order to get your newly branded plugin, click Download; not Download Default Plugin

Activate it like this.

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