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Can I Have Access to Content at Scale's API?
Can I Have Access to Content at Scale's API?

Learn how to access and use the Content at Scale API, including billing, API credits, endpoint details, and more...

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With Content at Scale's API, you can use our app's functionalities on your platform. It offers a way to integrate the capabilities of Content at Scale into your own application, allowing for functionalities like post creation, AI detection, and much more.

Accessing the API


As of January 19th, 2024, the CaS API is available in beta.

How to Sign Up for Content at Scale's API

Contact [email protected] with your API request. You will get personalized attention from our C.R.O. Ben Harper. Post-contract, API credits will be added to your existing Content at Scale account. If you do not have a Content at Scale account, we will create one for you and add the API credits. You will generate and manage your API key(s) from inside your Content at Scale account.

Using the API


The API features various endpoints for project creation, post writing, content management, etc. Detailed documentation can be found in our public-facing API Docs.

Expand to view API endpoints

Project create

2. Tone of voice list (for creating the project)

3. Language list (for creating the project)

4. Word count range (for creating the project)

5. Project list

6. Post list

7. Get the post status for a specific keyword (for getting the status of in-progress posts)

8. Write a post (for all types)

9. List the tags for writing the post

10. Save to content calendar

11. Save to content planner

12. List content calendar

13. List content planner

15. Get post editor content along with status and WordPress category

16. Get the title, description, slug, optimization score, and stats of the post

Future Endpoints

Expand to view future API endpoints

Project Integrations (adding/removing WordPress, Shopify integrations)

2. Project manage users (adding/removing users to the project)

3. Get project settings

4. Update project settings

5. Country and regions endpoint (for updating project settings)

6. Get AI Training details

7. Update AI Training details

8. Archive project

9. List archived project

10. Get content calendar details

11. Update content calendar details

12. Update Post editor content

13. Update Post status

14. Get NLP Optimization changes

15. Get the Featured image

16. Update Featured image

17. Scan for Plagiarism

18. Listing ranking content

19. Rewrite post

20. List post checklists

21. Listing notes

22. Adding notes

23. Post History

24. Delete post

25. Keyword update

26. Get keywords and entities of the post

Rate Limit

Currently, there's no rate limit, but one may be implemented in the future.

API Billing

API Credits

API credits are separate from in-app credits and manually added each month.


Pricing for blog posts, content detection, and AI word generation are each dependent on need. Please reach out to [email protected] to begin a conversation about using Content at Scale's API.

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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