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Using the AI Detector Pro
Using the AI Detector Pro
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There are a couple of ways to use the AI Detector Pro.

Detecting AI content

To scan your content to determine if it's detected as AI-written, paste your blog post URL here and click on Fetch URL:

Or paste your content in the editor:

Check how robotic-sounding your sample is by clicking Scan for AI Content:

The AI Detector Pro will provide results using prescriptive color coding. Additionally, it will display a 'Human Probability' score. Below this score, you will find detailed descriptive analytics as seen here:

GREEN - Highly likely to be human. You're all set. The content reads as if it's human-written.

YELLOW - Unclear if it's human or AI-generated. You likely don't need to do anything, but if there is detected AI content surrounding this, you'll want to reword this sentence to be safe.

RED - Highly likely to be AI-generated. This reads very robotic and therefore has a higher chance of being detected as AI-generated.

Rewriting AI-detected content

Even when your sample scores highly, you can select trouble areas and ask AIMEE for an Undetectable Rewrite:

Or you can click on Rewrite All AI Sentences:

With AI Detector Pro ensure your content sounds human while your voice remains uniquely yours.

πŸ’‘ By default, our plans now come with the AI Detector Pro since the V3 release. Users have a 25,000-word count allotment every month. Each word you rewrite is deducted from your monthly word count.


What if the rewritten output is still detected as AI-written?

Rewrite credits are only spent on the number of words rewritten. When you request a rewrite and the output still reads like AI, you may request another rewrite until it passes as human.

Is there a way to access the Scan History?

Yes, here's how to access the Scan History for the AI Detector Pro.

Is there a limit for the AI Detector scan?

The AI Detector Pro gives you unlimited scans to determine if your content reads as AI-written or passes as human.

How can I get more Rewrite credits for the AI Detector Pro?

If you need to purchase more re-write undetectable words you can purchase another 10,000 undetectable words re-write for $19. Go to your billing screen and scroll down to "Your current usage" then click the "+ Add More" button for Undetectable Generative AI Words.

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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