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AI Agents: Instant Solutions from Pre-trained Experts
AI Agents: Instant Solutions from Pre-trained Experts

No more paragraphs-long prompts. Pick a pre-trained AI Agent expert, and find solutions fast.

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Content at Scale AI agents are specifically programmed ready to spring into action based on your commands. They excel at handling tasks and responding to queries with precision, reflecting a dedicated focus on your unique needs.

Getting Started

Simply give clear and brief instructions to your AI agent, expressing your needs or wants.

Example Prompt:

"I have a busy schedule and need help organizing my day. Help me out?"

You can search for an AI agent specializing in management or perhaps a mental coach.

Forty ready-to-use AI agents, each with a specific field of expertise.

How to use our expert AI Agents

  1. Click on Generative AI on the left pane and you'll find the "AI Agents" option.

  2. Select an AI agent from the list based on the category you choose or need; there should be a total of 40 agents available.

    Click the "+" icon on the right side of the AI agent to add it to your list; it will appear at the top. From there, feel free to prompt it with anything you need.

  3. In the example above, AI Agent "Aiden" is selected, who is a specialist software engineer within the coding categories.

    Using the prompt: "What is binary search? Explain this concisely, not too long."

    And here is the result

    Binary search is a highly efficient searching algorithm that operates on sorted lists. It works by repeatedly dividing the list in half and checking if the middle element matches the target value. If it doesn't match, it eliminates either the lower or upper half of the list depending on whether our target is less than or greater than this middle value. The process continues until we find our target or exhaust all possibilities, leading to a logarithmic time complexity (O(log n)), which makes binary search extremely scalable for large data sets.

Create your own personalized AI Agent

By answering a few questions, specifying your skills, and providing samples of your writing, you can build your own AI Agent with a Personalized Profile.

Here's how:

  1. Click on Create Personalized Profile under Your Current Agents:

  2. Answer all the given questions that best match your desired AI profile and click Next

  3. Add your skills either by pasting your LinkedIn Bio or listing them manually. Click Next

  4. Add your writing style from a LinkedIn or Facebook post then Submit

💾 Your document instantly gets saved without a notification.

Then it applies the personalization to all your Generative AI outputs.


Is there a way to access the AI Agents Chat History?

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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