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☝️Quick Start: Video + Training Tutorials
☝️Quick Start: Video + Training Tutorials

Content Production Suite training and tutorials to speed up your workflows using Content at Scale

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Are you a new user, but aren’t sure how to make the most of Content at Scale?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you want the full, in-depth tutorial, or bitesize shorts – we’ve got both formats.

These get you close to understanding how to use our amazing technology to produce epic content for your brand(s), website(s), and blog(s).


Content Production Workflow (NEW)

The 15-minute video below shows you how to leverage the long-form writing tools in Content at Scale to truly scale your content marketing.

Content at Scale Short Tutorials – 3 Minutes

President of Content at Scale Julia McCoy breaks down in just three minutes how to get started setting up.

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How to Add a New Project

The first thing you’ll want to do in your account is to set up your project where you’ll create content within.

Here’s how. 👇

Now that you have a project, you can start creating content.

This is where content at scale begins.

How to Create a New Post from a Keyword

You can create an original blog (2000-3000+ words) in a few minutes from a keyword:

How to Create a New Post from a YouTube Video

You can create a full blog post using nothing but a YouTube link.

💡Use your competitors' YouTube videos or your very own

How to Create a New Post from a Podcast

You can create a full blog from a podcast:

How to Create a New Post from an Existing Blog

And you can create a full blog from an existing blog link:

How to Understand the SEO Optimization Score

Not sure how to read the SEO scoring in our in-app checklist? Here’s how. 👇

How to Edit Your Content with Our CRAFT Framework (Step-by-Step)

This video shares exactly what to do after your content is written by Content at Scale.

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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