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πŸ“Š Gain Quick Insights with Content Intelligence (Part of RankWell Suite)
πŸ“Š Gain Quick Insights with Content Intelligence (Part of RankWell Suite)

The RankWell Suite will now contain three NEW tools (Topic Reports, Content Briefs, and Optimization Audits).

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With Content Intelligence, you can create topic reports, content briefs, and optimization audits.

After entering your project, click Content Intelligence as shown below.

Topic Reports

You can generate a new topic report by adding your keyword. You can isolate your research to a particular country, region, or language.

To create a report, add your keyword and click Create Report.

When it is ready to view, the topic report will be marked with a green status icon called Ready.

Click the View Report button to view the report.

Analyze the word count, readability, frequency of the specified keywords, photos, headlines, paragraphs, title length, bold words, headline words, and paragraph words of the top 50 organic competitor results.

Content Briefs

With Content Briefs, you can use the AI's research and your research to customize your content before you write it.

To create a new content brief, from the Topic Research page, click Create Content Brief.

With a content brief, you have the flexibility to customize and format your content with headers anywhere from H2 to H5.

If your customized brief has no headings, you can add headings from the ranking content or add headings manually.

You can view existing content briefs by clicking Content Intelligence>Content Briefs as shown below.

Optimization Audits

After creating from the content brief, your content will soon be Ready for Optimization as shown below.

To view your post, click its title.

When viewing your post, you can get optimization audit feedback.

For a new audit, click Get Optimization Feedback.

The optimization audit results/checklist is presented in the editor. You can then β€œoptimize” or edit the post to align with the suggestions in the Optimization Audits.

If you choose to make a change based on a suggestion in the audit, check the box manually.

Every time you run a new audit, it will give you new feedback. If your content is relevant, helpful, and readable to your audience, you should consider publishing it.

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