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The RankWell Suite will now contain three NEW tools (Topic Reports, Content Briefs, and Optimization Audits)

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Are you unsure whether the keyword you plan to use has user intent or if it receives monthly searches on Google?

With Content Intelligence, it's like having a helpful tool that creates reports based on the keywords you provide. And guess what? You can make it even better! After you've checked out the report and understood it, you can tweak your content using the "content brief" feature to match what you need.

You can adapt it to suit your content plan and even run checks to improve your SEO score. This is how our cool new feature, Content Intelligence, works.

To access this, please navigate to your project dashboard and click on "Content Intelligence," as illustrated below.

You’ll be able to access all three features in a “Content Intelligence” dropdown menu within each project.

  1. Topic Reports - Skip the manual research and get ahead in SEO! Give a keyword, receive an insightful report. We analyze everything from word count to readability of your top 50 organic competitors' results.

    From images used to title length, keywords frequency to bold words use - we've got it all covered. Our reports even dissect headline structures for you! Click here to explore more details...

  2. Content Briefs - Starting from a Topic Report, our customizable Content Briefs give you the power to decide how your headings should be placed. You're now in control of adding or removing headers as well as choosing their importance - whether they're an H2 or go all the way down to an H5.

    Take charge and craft content briefs exactly how you want them! For more in-depth information, click here...

  3. Optimization Audits - Want to give your content a boost? We've got you covered! Simply toss us an external URL or one from CaS, and we'll serve up a thorough optimization audit for any post. You can then refine your content based on our expert recommendations from the Optimization Audits.

    Keep track of tasks using our checklist feature; however, note that boxes must be manually checked upon completion. Click here to learn more details...

If you have additional questions, need more resources, or would like to provide valuable feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Support team.

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