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What is the Generative AI Suite?
What is the Generative AI Suite?

Streamline ideation and workflow using Generative AI for personalized prompts, AI chats, and AIMEE Chat.

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Generative AI makes it simple for you to use AI for various tasks. It's easy to use, whether you're familiar with AI or just getting started.

How to Get to the Generative AI Suite

Look for the "Generative AI" option right under "Projects" on the left side of the interface. Click it to dive into our AI tools. It'll light up yellow, showing you're in the Generative AI area.

Feature Highlights

The main hub gives you immediate access to an array of features:


Blueprints are like your personal library of high-quality prompts for GPT-4. Simply share your details and it will craft a response tailored just for you. You can save these custom-made answers and revisit them anytime. It's all about getting the results you need while keeping the crafting process behind the scenes.


AIMEE is an acronym that stands for "Artificial Intelligent Maximizing Efficiency Everywhere". AIMEE chat is your go-to AI companion, designed to boost your efficiency in every task. Type in your question or prompt, and let AIMEE give you quick, smart responses to help you with whatever you need.


Prompts is a dynamic resource for entrepreneurs, marketers, content creators, and anyone looking to leverage AI to become more productive, efficient, and powerful with AI. Using Prompts is simple: search for a specific prompt, or browse prompts based on your profession, use case, or category of prompt. Save it and it's ready to be used by AI agents and AIMEE Chat.

AI Agents

These are specialized, pre-trained AI agents designed for specific functions. You can have your own AI social media manager, health coach, copywriter, lawyer, and so much more. Users can interact with these agents by inputting their own prompts.

Plan-specific Features

Depending on your subscription plan, you'll have access to a certain number of AI agents. With over 40 agents available, you can select agents suited to different team members' tasks, making it a worthy upgrade for growing teams.

Personalized AI

This is the most advanced personalization of AI tools that's ever existed thus far.

Personalizes the tone of voice for all Generative AI interactions. If you complete the Personalized AI setup, the Generative AI will have your personality.

Set up Personalized AI like this:

  • Click Generative AI on the lefthand side bar (or click here)

  • Click the small black tab on the righthand side of the page

  • Click the yellow hamburger menu in the top right

  • Click AI Agents

    ...and set up!

    Questions? Start a conversation using the purple icon in the bottom right corner of the screen when logged into Content at Scale.

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