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Should my posts be written from the first person Point of View?
Should my posts be written from the first person Point of View?

Writing inbound blog posts in first person point of view is fine, but so is writing in third person.

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A lot of search engine optimizers will tell you that you need to write in the first person point of view in order to satisfy Google's recent Helpful Content Update (HCU).

(The irony with that is that they're trying to game a system designed to catch you gaming the system)

Why do SEO's say I should write in first person?

Writing in first person can "signal" to Google that your website has first-hand experience with the topic, but when everyone starts using it to try and game the system, it will be discounted.

Does writing in first person actually work?

Yes, it works just fine. Some marketers write in first person because it helps make their readers feel connected. But we know of zero studies showing that using first person actually has an affect on SEO or rankings.

Does writing in third person work as well?

But there are plenty of third person articles being written that rank just fine.

Bottom line? If your content is relevant, helpful, and readable to your audience, you should publish it (no matter what point of view it's written from).

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