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❌Exclusions: Excluding Keywords or Competitors
❌Exclusions: Excluding Keywords or Competitors
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The Exclusions feature can be used for keywords or competitors.

Listing a domain name or brand name in Exclusions tells the AI to ignore those domain names and brand names in its research. But if, within the scope of the article, the brand is such a huge influence that it cannot be ignored, then AI will probably include it.

Note: If the subject absolutely cannot be ignored, the AI might include it anyway. For example, if you're writing about 'best Apple products' and you're asking Content at Scale not to talk about iPhone, your article will probably mention iPhone anyway.

How to use Exclude Keywords or Competitors

This feature can be found in the Project Settings > Post Automations > Exclusions.

Make sure to specify whether you're excluding a keyword or a competitor by using this format:

Ex: "Do not include the keyword [keyword]" or "Do not include our competitor [competitor name or domain name]".


I included a keyword or competitor name but it still came up in my article

Is there something in your project settings, keyword choice, additional context, or custom brief that would require mentioning the brand you told the AI to exclude?

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