How Does Billing Work?
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Depending on your needs, Content at Scale offers month-to-month or annual subscriptions. You may cancel your month-to-month subscription anytime. With our usage-based pricing model, you never have to buy more than you need.

What Happens if My Credit Card Fails?

We process payments through Stripe. If a payment fails, Stripe will attempt to charge the card again the same day.

You will receive an email notification if the payment fails.

Can I Update my Credit Card Information?

Yes. If needed, you can update your payment details on your billing page.

navigate to the billing page

Navigate to the billing page

Update card info

Please contact us if you need assistance.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel anytime from the billing menu.

Our goal is to make sure Content at Scale is profitable for your business; cancelling Content at Scale won't enhance your content strategy.

💡 AI amplifies your skills; it doesn't replace them.

If your strategy needs improvement, our sister site can help refine your skills. These skills, coupled with our AI, is how you'll see real productivity--true content at scale.

Our community is free with your Content at Scale subscription.

Please contact our support team with any further questions you may have about cancellation. We'd be happy to help.

What Happens After I Cancel?

After cancelling, your account will be active until the end of your current bill cycle. You will see a message saying: "Account is set to cancel on [date]".

Do I Still Have Access to Content at Scale After I Cancel my Subscription?

After that date you will still have access to your dashboard and blog posts, but all unused credits, member-only community, events access, and other perks will be lost.

It would be best to try and use all of your credits before you make the final decision to end your membership. Remember, any content created is yours to keep, even if you are no longer a member, so be sure to use those credits.
If you switch plans, you will retain all credits you have accrued. To learn more about upgrading your plan, click here.

To learn more about how "credits" work, click here.
For options on how best to make use of unused credits, join our member-only Community. There you'll meet certified AIO Writers and Agencies who are happy to help you create and publish content that attracts your target audience.

What is Content at Scale's Refund Policy?

We do not offer a money-back guarantee.

But since you're in content marketing, you may find the guarantee that we do have even more useful: if after two rewrites and only slight human editing you still don't like the post, we will give you back the post credit.

Additionally, our team will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your subscription.

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