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Strip Formatting when Copy/Pasting from Google Docs (or Microsoft Word)
Strip Formatting when Copy/Pasting from Google Docs (or Microsoft Word)

Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or other text editors might be part of your workflow. Learn best practices here.

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Some Content at Scale users might use text editors as part of their workflow. If you are doing this, formatting may become an issue.

Why Does Google Docs or Word mess up Formatting?

Google Docs or Word can mess up HTML formatting due to their built-in formatting styles conflicting with the HTML code, resulting in changes or removal of certain elements.

How Do I Copy/Paste from Google Docs or Word without any Formatting?

You can paste from your clipboard while stripping out all formatting. This is helpful when Google Docs or Microsoft Word (or other text editors) are part of your workflow. Here's how to do it:

On a PC: ctrl+shift+v

On a Mac: command+shift+v

That's it.

When you paste into Content at Scale using the shift key, all of your pasted text will now be ready for format from within the Content at Scale editor.

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