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If You're Connected to WordPress

If You're Not Connected to WordPress

If your project is not connected with our integrations (eg WordPress or Shopify), but you still want a way to tell whether a piece of content is complete, you can add a post status.

Here's how:

  1. Click on Settings (gear icon) on the left pane and go to POST STATUSES:

  2. Click on Add Status:

  3. Type in a customized Status and a brief description then click on Add Status:

  4. Then enter the project and click on Project Settings (on the top right of the screen when inside a project).

  5. Click Post Statuses

  6. Under Select Available Post Status, you will see a list of yellow-colored post statuses, each with a black x. Click on the blank space in that list and choose your newly created post status.

  7. Click Save.

When updating the status of your content, you will now see the new post status as an option.

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