Using the "On-page Checklist"
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After you click on an article from the project dashboard, the article dashboard will load showing the content and other Content at Scale features.

In the right column, the Optimization tab automatically loads showing suggested keywords to include in your article. Below this list of keywords is the "On-page Checklist" feature (shown below).

By completing these checklist items the article becomes more search-friendly and reader-friendly.

Elements of the checlist include:

  • Category chosen (This is only displayed if you're using our WordPress plugin and are on a Scaling or Agency plan. It shows whether or not you've chosen an appropriate WordPress category for your article.)

  • Title is optimal length

  • Title includes primary keyword

  • Meta includes primary keyword

  • Meta is optimal length

  • URL includes primary keyword

  • 1st paragraph includes primary keyword

  • A subheading include primary keyword

  • Primary keyword twice in first 4 paragraphs

  • Primary keyword after last subheading

  • Periods at end of long list items

  • Paragraphs are 3 sentences or less

  • Outbound links exist

  • Featured image + media added

  • Placeholder images replaced

  • No images within first/last 3 paragraphs

  • Table of contents in place

Note: Once you make changes that should change a red "x" to a green checkmark, please save the changes and reload the page. The checklist should accurately reflect the optimizations you made after a refresh.

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